Our History

2015 - Stingray
Team Bath Drones (TBD) was founded in 2015. This year, they entered the IMechE UAS Challenge with Stingray.
2016 - Skyseeker
After TBD's success building Stingray, the team built Skyseeker and entered the IMechE UAS Challenge once again.
2017 - Artemis
From the experience gained from Stingray and Skyseeker, TBD was able to build Artemis. Artemis went on to win Grand Champion at the IMechE UAS Challenge, as well as the Innovation Award and Design Award.
2018 - Icarus
TBD continued their success at the IMechE UAS Challenge with Icarus, winning the Innovation Award for the second year in a row.
2019 - Caelus
2019 was the last year TBD entered the IMechE UAS Challenge due to Covid-19 complications. Caelus entered the competition and won the Design Award, giving TBD a three year award streak.
2020 - Aurora
In 2020, TBD built Aurora, a life-saving search and rescue drone for the Scottish Search & Rescue Aerial Association.
2021 - HydroCaelus
HydroCaelus was an innovative hydrogen fuel-cell powered drone that used 2019's Caelus as basis of the airframe.
2023 - Gemini
In 2023, TBD embarked on Project Gemini. For this project TBD prototyped a maritime search and rescue eVTOL drone.
2024 - Phoenix
As we re-enter the competition after some years of absence, we thought it would be fitting to name our newest UAS Phoenix to represent the team's resurgence.



For enquiries or sponsorship opportunities contact our Sponsorship Manager, Harry Freeman, at hf489@bath.ac.uk